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Putting Digital Health in Patients’ Hands

A Novel Patient Experience. Informed. Aware. Engaged.

Medisparks brings the technology to keep patients informed, aware and engaged throughout their hospital stay.
By connecting health organization with their patients and their loved ones, Medisparks empowers them throughout their treatment, improves the patient experience and quality of care.

Why Patient Experience Matters? 

Research shows that engaged and informed patients will experience less anxiety and will be more active in their treatment.
The result – reduced burden on the care team and most importantly, improved safety and better care results.

Our Products

     Sparks Patient

Empower Patients throughout their hospital stay

Reduce stressful times for patients and their loved ones, simply improve their participation by giving them full access to their diagnosis, drugs, lab results, important reminders, care team info and more. 


     Sparks Bot ​

Smart chat for all healthcare services

Save patients the hassle of navigating through cumbersome online service platforms and let them chat to find exactly what they need. ​