Setting a new standard for Patient Experience



The most comprehensive Patient Engagement Platform

Lean how your organization can take the patient experience to the next level

Empowering patients throughout their journey


Allows health care providers to focus on care by speeding up intake and pre-op processes

On the ward

Patients have a better experience when they are better informed, can participate in their own care and can easily communicate with their caregivers. MediSparks was created to revolutionize this experience.


A streamlined discharge process helps prevent readmissions by using treatment reminders and telehealth follow up.

Why Patient Experience matters?

Research shows that when patients are engaged and better informed, they experience less anxiety and are more active in their treatment. This reduces the burden on the care team and most importantly, improves patient safety and leads to better outcomes.

MediSparks helps health organizations:

Enhance patient safety

Reduce patient anxiety

Improve family experience


Better understand patient needs

Improve clinical workflow

Reduces nurse documentation time & staff overhead