A single platform
Accompanies you on your journey

Complete all-in-one 360° coverage of the patient journey

Preop Reminders

Save money by reducing day-of-surgery cancellations using and AI-powered agent.
Provide procedure specific checklists and alerts for pre-op tasks which need to be performed.

Online Check-in

Speeds up the admission process by allowing patients to complete admission forms using their mobile devices.

Bedside TV

MediSparks TV provides easy access to information, streaming TV channels, and services ordering through a personal TV screen at the bedside.

Medical Record Access

Patients can stay informed by viewing selected information from the medical record.

Secured Messaging

The care team can send text messages to patients’ personal devices.
The Smart Nurse Ringer enables patients to message a nurse to ask for help.


VR Glasses

MediSparks VR offers 360-degree images and sounds from nature so patients can relax.

Virtual Assistance

Neta, MediSparks integrated chatbot agent, helps patients navigate online service menus.

Indoor Navigation

The MediSparks Companion helps patients and visitors reach their destination by locating their current position and destination on the facility indoor maps.


Reduce nursing workload by letting patients to document specific information about their condition (e.g. food intake, fluids out, pain score, vital signs) while keeping the care team in full control.

Treatment Plan & Notifications

Display of the patient’s daily treatment plan.
Receive notifications of new tests results.


Family Access

Helps keep the patient family in the loop

Patients' Forums

Learn from other patients who visited the facility in the past, and share your experience and tips using a disease or ward specific forums.


Allows physicians to conduct video consultations remotely using our patient-to-provider and provider-to-provider secured tele-health platform.



Audio guidance for relaxation and stress reduction.
Online games for children and adults.
Games designed to reduce childrens' fears by helping them get to know their care team.

Care Team  App

Allow caregivers to securely access patient information and communicate with their patients anytime anywhere


Ward Announcements

Send update messages to all patients admitted to a ward.

ePRO and Follow-ups


Provide access to patient education material and help understand the treatment effectiveness using electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) and satisfactory survey