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Health services at your fingertips 

Sparks Bot

Intuitive, chat-base access to services

Sparks Health Bot provides direct access to online health services using an intuitive chat-based user interface. 


The bot platform integrates with the various existing health organization systems and can complement the traditional methods online health services are consumed such as portals or apps.
Sparks Health Bot can be accessed via public messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger or Skype, or be incorporated into the organizational portal or app.


What can Sparks Bot do for you?

  • Schedule an appointment 

  • Connect to an online doctor visit

  • View recent lab results

  • Renew prescriptions

  • Answer FAQ

With Sparks Bot Healthcare

Made Accessible and Simple 

Technology at a glance

Sparks Bot makes use of web services to integrate with the organization health information systems in real time during the chat.

The bot "chat tree" can be configured based on the services offered by any organization

  • Two-factor user authentications

  • Supports a Bot-to-human workflow

  • Accessed from the following messaging platforms: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype.