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Finally, an App for Hospitalized Patients

Sparks Patient

Empower patients, digitally

Sparks Patient improves the patient experience by connecting
health organizations with patients and families throughout their hospital stay. 
By integrating with hospital systems, the app lets patients become aware and impactful from their phone or TV screen.


A novel patient experience​


As a patient I want to be informed about my care team assignment and view my treatment plan. I want my relatives to be continuously informed about my condition.
I want to be notified of new lab results. I want me and my relatives to get updates about my ward activities and general hospital information.


I want to have medical record access, so I can review and validate the accuracy of data, such as my allergies and H&P, and help avoid clinical errors by notifying the care team about documentation mistakes.
I want to call a nurse or press a rescue button in case I need help. 
I want to get treatment reminders to make sure I am following my treatment plan. 


I want to receive patient education related to my condition before, during and after my encounter.
I want to fill questioners such as pre-anesthesia assessment and sign a consent form to speed up the admission process. 
I want to self-document my diet preference and the home meds I am taking to ensure they are considered in my care.
I want to do self-assessments, such as pain assessment and my food intake so they can accurately be communicated to my care team.


I want to order services such as meals and personal TV from my bedside.
I want my relatives to schedule a time to meet with my doctor. 
I want to have online access to my discharge summary; referrals letters and RX post my encounter.
I want to fill satisfactory survey to let the organization know what can be improved or to simply thank my care team.

Using Sparks Patient health organizations can: 


  • Improve patient experience

  • Reduce staff workload and overhead

  • Get to know their patients better 

  • Enhance patient safety

  • Get new management insight


Sparks Patient is a healthcare-grade solution

Technology at a glance

  • A Progressive Web App (PWA) - feels like an app, accessed like a website (doesn't require a download from an app store!).

  • Supports all platforms & devises, from 4'' size phones to large tablets

  • Can be embedded in personal TV's

  • Available in on-premise & cloud configurations


  • Simple integration model with Hospital Information System

  • HL7 and FHIR support 

  • Integrates with all hospital ESB's products​


  • White-Labeled: organization specific layout & branding

  • Extensible platform: allow organization specific content and add on's

  • Multi-language support

Security & Compliance

  • Multi-factor user authentication

  • Data encryption

  • Fully GDPR & HIPPA compliant