The next generation
Patient Engagement Platform

Modern Technology Stack

A Progressive Web App (PWA) - has the look and feel of an app, but doesn't require download from an app store!


Supports all platforms and devices, from 4'' size phones to large tablets and include web access

Available in on-premise and cloud configurations


Made of Open Source

All platform components are open source so there is no need for additional licensing fees. The result is a lower total cost of ownership.


Flexible and Interoperable

Modular solution that can adapt to your organization’s changing needs and evolve  over time

Dynamic layouts per ward or type of access

Integrates with any Electronic Medical Record and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) products

Include your own organization branding

Multilingual support

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SparksStore is a unique, online marketplace for application content.
SparksStore allows MediSparks customers to share content and knowhow by reusing software components that help improve patient’s experience.
Application content, designed by and for individual customers may be downloaded from the store to another customer’s staging or production environment.


Revolutionizing Healthcare IT
Watch MediSparks vision for Healthcare IT with SparksStore:

MediSparks SDK

Use the MediSparks Software Developer Kit (SDK) to tailor the platform to your organization’s needs.
The SDK allows customers to develop and build new functionality independently of the software vendor.